Baccarat rules and strategies

Baccarat  is played with 6 decks of French cards excluding the jokers; in the table, a player is the dealer and the other players, unknown number, are placed to the right and left of the dealer, in special areas called tableaux. Players have the option of a single tableau, one at a time, playing cards, until they lose against […]

Texas holdem no limit: Out and Odds

These two words represent the mathematical basis of the THE. Know when it is appropriate to call a raise and how much to bet to make the project an opponent’s disadvantage, is a fundamental element of a strategy of profitable game. The odds are the relationship between us bad cards and cards in our favor. […]

Video Poker Rules

Video poker is different from the table game. You do not play against other players, you do not need to beat the other players’ hands, but simply put a bet on the machine with the objective to reach the hand that will provide you with the highest payout. In a sense it is a cross […]

Independent Chip Model in Texas Hold’em

So as we evolve the tools that allow us to play poker, it also increases those same tools that allow us to improve our style of play. Many of these are computer programs or storage of the habits of our opponents. ICM (Independent Chip Model) and is a tool designed for those who usually engage […]

Black Jack History

Welcome nodepositcasino, today we talk about the BlackJack, for those who do not know,is a strategy game where you have to know the rules and with the experience you can beatthe dealer several times. Blackjack originated as a board game, then he joined the AAMS rialsciate Casino thanks to concessions from July 18 last year. To play online blackjack for real money, simply download the software from the casino of your choice with the logo of the AAMS, attention is important to play the game where it is legal to avoid problems. We recommend you nodepositcasino WilliamHill, Titancasino 888 and which are the most […]

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

This version of Baccarat is the French (“chemin de fer” means “railroad”), and differs only in the baccarat game modes, card values ??and ratings remain unchanged. The Chemin De Fer is played with 6 decks of cards (Jokers not included). Players are arranged on the table, to the right and left of the dealer player […]