Baccarat Chemin de Fer

This version of Baccarat is the French (“chemin de fer” means “railroad”), and differs only in the baccarat game modes, card values ??and ratings remain unchanged.
The Chemin De Fer is played with 6 decks of cards (Jokers not included). Players are arranged on the table, to the right and left of the dealer player who is in the center, on the appropriate tableaux game (also known as wings of the game) that are areas of the Baccarat table.
In this version of the game, players of all tableaux challenge the bench until they lose, passing the turn to the next player, and every player who’s turn it is said pointer.
Having clear about these introductions, let the performance of the real game.
Players of the two wings of the game must make the bets, taking into account the maximum value of installment imposed by the dealer; takes precedence wing of the pointer.
The bet can be made on:
its tableaux of game;
the tableaux opposite;
both tableaux, placing your bet at the center of the table.

It ‘important to know that by focusing on two wings you have more chance of winning, and in any case his case studies of game can be 5:
if the two wings lose against the dealer, the player loses;
if the two wings win against the dealer, the player wins;
if wing wins and one loses, the player’s bet remains “frozen”;
if wing wins and the other draws, you win half your bet and the other half remains “frozen”;
if a wing loses and the other goes to equal, and in this case the player loses half the bet and the other half remains “frozen”.

Once all players have made their bet, the dealer begins to deal cards according to this pattern repeated 2 times:
a paper on the right wing;
a paper to the left wing;
a paper to itself.

In this way, all the players, including the dealer, will have two cards each in hand. At this point the players, bench included, which will be aware of the cards received, will be able to decide whether to:
“Stay”, ie receive no more cards from the dealer;
“Open”, or ask for another card from the dealer;
“Beat,” or show their cards immediately, without waiting for their turn, if their total value is 8 or 9.

For the calculation of the score is important to consider that a win of a (then with 2 cards) is always better than a winning opening (then with 3 cards).
Example: The player gets 8 points with two cards and the dealer gets 9 points with 3 cards, “the player beats the dealer.