Black Jack History

Welcome nodepositcasino, today we talk about the BlackJack, for those who do not know,is a strategy game where you have to know the rules and with the experience you can beatthe dealer several times.

Blackjack originated as a board game, then he joined the AAMS rialsciate Casino thanks to concessions from July 18 last year. To play online blackjack for real money, simply download the software from the casino of your choice with the logo of the AAMS, attention is important to play the game where it is legal to avoid problems.

We recommend you nodepositcasino WilliamHill, Titancasino 888 and which are the most widely used and safe and proud of concessions AAMS, for they are so afraid and do not have legalized fraud. But in Italy there are Lottomatica and Sisal Digital Game, the choice is yours.

Blackjack is played with 52 cards, initially start with a hand consisting of only 2 cards, the goal is to reach the value 21, but be careful not to overtake. If the player gets a lower value,may decide whether to continue or stop, a bit like the septum and a half, classic board game. The winner is the one who gets or a 21 or a value that approaches him without going over.

There are many variations of Blackjack according to the Casino, where you go, the rules in the context are those that we told you in and then we further in tomorrow’s post on Wednesday the best strategies. This article has been made to give you a general overview of the game of Blackjack. Regulation of the strategies and please wait for the next few days.

We hope that our articles are to your liking, we want you on the premise that all the most used and best casino games will boast of 3 articles, history, rules and strategies.