Practical guide to win at casino with bonus

Point bonuses to multiply your budget
Once you have the availability of the bonus in your account, you can start playing and it is better to choose the blackjack and Roulette games because they are among the most likely to win. If you play Roulette, make your bets on odd and even numbers or the colors: red and black. If you have been lucky and have played well, “your papers” soon as you reach the minimum amount that the casino allows you to collect, enter the “case” of the casino and made the application process so that the casino ways your money on your personal NETeller account, you must provide the account number that was sent to you via e-mail.
It’s likely that some online casinos (increasingly rare) they will ask for copies of certain documents because in this way have the guarantee of your age so you may see request photocopies of identity or a photocopy of your credit card (if where you have used) or, again, a photocopy of your last bill. After a few days, the money will be credited to your account permanently and you can continue the game.

Reinvest the earned bonus deposit
Now that you have the money, reinvest it enrolling in another online casino, considering what you get more bonuses as input (in this regard, please visit our section “casino with deposit bonus”). With amounts around 50 or 100 Euro, you get to have a bonus of 300, 400 or even 500 Euro! Keep playing until well into the second casino reach the minimum requirements for cash. In this case, let the sum credited to your account as soon as NETeller and you will see a credit, please subscribe again at another casino.

Speed ??up the procedure for accreditation and registration
To expedite the accreditation process, it is better to send the documents by e-mail rather than fax and keep in mind that a transfer can take up to 10 days, but on average stood at 3/4 days. Of course, when you get to a nice nest egg, you can choose to enroll in more than one casino at a time, in this way you will gain faster and you can make the most of the bonuses that casinos offer their new members.

Collect the money you earn or continue to invest
It’s time to really have your money in your pocket and bring the fruit of so much … fun! When you reach a figure as to merit the cost of sending the check, NETeller you request to withdraw your money. You can also choose to withdraw money at an ATM using the special paper provided, at your request, to NETeller.
This card is supported on the Mastercard and you can tell that it is essential for anyone who does not have a bank account / post or does not want to credit the money to your account. If you are going to continue to play and make money with online casinos, you will simply leave about 250.00 Euro NETeller account, so that you can apply to other casinos that offer bonuses highest input.