Baccarat rules and strategies

Baccarat  is played with 6 decks of French cards excluding the jokers; in the table, a player is the dealer and the other players, unknown number, are placed to the right and left of the dealer, in special areas called tableaux. Players have the option of a single tableau, one at a time, playing cards, until they lose against the dealer, and then pass the hand to the next peer, the player who has at any given moment the possibility of playing cards is calledpointer. Do you understand the rules in general, we in particular:
The two players place their bets tableaux, tableaux inside takes precedence who should play the cards.


Players can do this while not exceeding the maximum limit set by the player holding the dealer, can play on a tableau or the other or both of placing the money in the center, in which case there will be several possibilities:
– Both lost their wings, and then the player who has placed at the center loses money.
– Both wings win, and then the player who placed the money in the center wins.
– Wins and loses a wing, in which case the player’s bet remains frozen.


– A wing wins and the other goes to parity, and in that case the player wins one half of the bet and the other half remains frozen.
– Loses a wing and the other goes to parity, and in that case the player loses half the bet and the other half remains frozen.


The dealer gives the cards face down in the following way: a right to the tableau, a tableau of the left and one to himself, and repeats this again. In practice, each wing will distribute 2 cards and 2 cards to himself. The players (including the dealer) can at this point (in the order in which they were given the card) or stand, ie they do not want more cards, or open, or wanting another card, this time discovered; also have a third possibility: to beat or to show their cards if they have an overall score of 8 or 9 (maximum point). In the latter case you will have to wait your turn, but declare it immediately.


The lines have a greater value than the score with three cards, so if a player beats the dealer gets 8 and 9 calling card, the player wins the same, because the joke is worth more than 8 of the 9 with three cards. The dealer collects the bet at the end of any losers (loser tableau) and pay the sum of possible winners (winning tableau).